Eye on Business | How to Please a Senior Who Wants It All

So, you’ve been faithfully reading and implementing all the tips posted each week in our Eye on Business series, right?  You’re booking seniors left and right.  You’re the master of your business domain.  But, now there’s a new “issue” that has caught you off-guard.  It’s something you must face with confidence.  Something, that if you don’t address it, can turn a session into an uncontrollably hot mess.

Enter the senior who WANTS.IT.ALL.  She wants edgy but feminine.  Punk but preppy.  Grunge but glamorous.  She has several locations in mind and a few outfits for each look.  Hmm, do you know her?

First off, I LOVE her.  Wait, what?!  It can be quite intimidating to feel like you must perform at the top of your game and deliver a session that’s beyond description.  But, a senior who has 75 requests should not be feared!  She should be applauded for her enthusiasm.  You are going to have a blast during the session because she wants to be there and is most likely willing to try anything.  However, meeting the expectations of a senior who wants it all can seem daunting.

Let’s break it down on how you can manage a senior’s (and the parents’) expectations for their session:

  • Pre-Session Consultation.  Go back and read all about pre-session consultations in this post.  I mean it!  I cannot adequately describe how this has helped my business.  This is the perfect opportunity to hear all about the ideas and visions she has for her session.  You can help your senior narrow down her ideas and tease out what is really going to showcase your her best.
  • Show Your Work.  Make sure you are displaying your best images on your FACEBOOKWEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.  Do not bother posting 20 images of the same senior, in the same location, in the same outfit!  Show your versatility and creativity by showcasing only the best images of those awesome locations and awesomely styled seniors.  Show your clients what you can do!
  • PINTEREST.  Ok, this is a big one.  Pinterest has revolutionized the photography industry in both positive and negative ways.  Recently, I read an ARTICLE which so elegantly explains a wedding photographer’s perspective on pinterest.  This is applicable to senior photographers as well.  We all love us some pinterest.  I use it to create inspiration boards for my seniors.  In this way, I can show them the direction I’m headed and what is inspiring me for their own session.  After a consultation, I start pinning ideas for locations, outfits, props, etc.   However, and this is a big HOWEVER…I am sure to tell them that although I love what ideas they have or pins they have pinned, that I will shoot using my own photographic voice and spin and it will not look identical to a pin (and it shouldn’t).  Must I refer you back to last week’s post?!

Case in point…It’s all about managing expectations.  Seniors who dream big, expect big.  But don’t we always say, “Go big or go home?!”  By taking the extra time to get to know your senior, you can deliver a session that’s sure to become a favorite memory and grow your business!