Eye on Business | Have You Found Mr. Right?

Eye on Business | Have You Found Mr. Right?

Or Miss, Ms., Mrs. Whatever. Have you yet to meet that PERFECT client? You know, the one that when you meet, is a picture-perfect match made in heaven?! The kind of client that makes you wish for a hundred more just like them?

Time for you to identify your ideal client and stop hanging out in those dodgy pools of cheap photographers waiting for dreamy clients to find you.

What does your ideal client value?

My ideal client values life experiences and the memories that come from them. They value the experience for what it is, how it makes them feel, and what they are left with afterward. My clients enjoy having fun, spending it with people they love, and will go out of their way to seek out unique experiences. My client does not want to sit in a few poses for a half hour only to receive a few digitals. My client does NOT ask for the CD only. They want to be taken care of and expect quality client service and that’s fine by me. I value the client who values what I do for them.

Who is my ideal client?

My ideal client is the high school senior. And, I will admit that high school girls tend to rank higher on my scale only because of the styling and prep that comes with them! The client that wins my heart will be willing to step outside their comfort zone, loosen up, and have fun during our session. A senior that just wants to check “senior pictures” off their to-do list is NOT worth the time and effort that I give. You can get a general sense of their attitude, even if the initial contact is via email. Most of my clients’ messages include a ton of smiley faces and exclamation points!!! They are excited and now I am too! You bet I want them in front of my camera.

Where can I find my ideal client?

Other than the obvious (high schools), I can find my ideal clients working at local places I frequent like the coffee shop, antique mall, and pool. I earn a ton of referrals by volunteering as a youth minister at my church. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I also volunteer as a speaker at the local high schools for career days and for yearbook/photography classes. Your town may have other great places like boutiques or salons that your perfect client frequents. Make sure you’re a patron there and those places know about you. Gushy word-of-mouth, remember?

So are you ready to step out of that mucky pool and into the clear waters of happy clients and happy photographers? Good because I’m pretty sure they you-know-what in that other pool….

Until next time…be nice, be happy, and find me over at Suzanne Mellott Photography!