Eye on Business | Get Off of Facebook

It’s all the buzz among Yahoo’s headlines, late-night photographers’ skype chats and FACEBOOK forums.  Teens are no longer on facebook because Grandma is watching.  The game has officially changed.  It changed a LONG time ago but now it’s time to actually steal that game back.  No more relying on the free marketing of facebook who keeps scheming ways to keep potential clients from interacting with us.  It’s time to take a good critical look at your website and diversify your marketing efforts.  Maybe your website already has its act together?  I know it was a wake-up call for me.  No more crickets chirping over there…

If you have a website that leaves much to be desired then I want you to visit a few links that have so concisely compiled a checklist of best practices for us.  If you have a website that kicks bootie, then I want you to visit a few links that have so concisely compiled a checklist of best practices for us.  😉  It’s always good to know where you stand.

Well?  How does your website stand up to those best practices?  Now you know where you stand and THAT is the best place to be for your business.  I visited quite a few outstanding photography websites today that were shared with me today and I hope you’ll show them some love (find most over on the SSG wall).  One, in particular, caught my eye because she has created a website that is clean, easy to use and understand, supports her branding incredibly, and incorporates much of the best practices out there.  I hope you will visit and take notes.  I sure did.

Life Tales by Briana Carrion

I cannot wait to see some websites posted on SSG’s wall once you’ve checked out the links, guys!