Editorial Collective…Featuring Amanda Holloway and Nicole Cook

This is the ultimate combination for your portfolio!  Not only will you get amazing images, you will get a chance to learn from two industry leaders in both fields in this one day event in California!  This is a phenomenal pairing of editorial and fashion style photography.  Your portfolio needs this and Senior Style Guide is super excited to be a sponsor of this amazing event.  Each attendee will receive a year free in our forum and we will be selecting some amazing images from a few lucky attendees to feature in our upcoming Issue 7 of the Senior Style Guide magazine!

Seats are limited to 30.  Again, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity!

Here is the general information for the Editorial Collective…

General Info:

Cost:  $550 per person

Date:  Saturday, July 20, 2013

Number of Attendees:  30

Number of Models:  10

Location:  Auburn and Folsom Lake California

Time: 8 am- 9pm

Please Note:  All attendees will be required to register and sign a non-compete/solicitation and non-disclosure contract for 350 miles of The Woodlands, Texas and a 100 miles radius of Auburn, California.

 Seats available for purchase this Wednesday June 5 at 10 am central time.  You will need to come back to this post on Wednesday to click the buy it now button to secure your seat!

This past week we had the opportunity to talk with both Amanda and Nicole about the collective and how it came about…

This is a great pairing!  Can you tell us a little about how you and Nicole came up with this collaboration?

Amanda… Thank you so much Vickie! Nicole and I have admired each other from afar for quite some time now! We finally messaged each other on Facebook and talked about how much we loved each other’s work and we pledged to get together and network! Being able to work together is a huge opportunity and we know we’ll have a blast!

 What can your followers expect to learn from you?  And how will they be able to utilize what they learn in their business?

 Amanda…I will be teaching you how to network with your local boutique and build a dual relationship between your photography clients and your boutique. Learn the step by step process to open that door and secure a dynamic that will benefit all parties involved and grow that relationship into a lasting benefit. Learn how to keep your seniors showing up to their sessions in fashionable clothing while keeping your portfolio up to date and cutting edge! I will also be teaching how to plan awesome events for your seniors that include your partner boutique and using those events to market to your target clients!

 The images are going to be amazing!  What is the one thing you hope people will take from this day with you and Nicole?

 Amanda…I really want the attendees to take away functional and practical skills to apply to and grow their photography business. Since I hosted the “Senior Swank Event”  with my partner boutique, Langford Market, in The Woodlands, I’ve received a lot of requests to teach other photographers how to do the same for their photography businesses. It has been such a great benefit for my boutique, my seniors and my business and I can’t wait to see what other photographers out there do with that knowledge!

 How is this different from your Kitchen Sink Workshop?

Amanda…I love the idea of this portfolio build because all of the attendees will be learning and shooting with BOTH Nicole and me! We’re two totally different photographers with two totally different styles and that’s hard to find out there! The opportunity to learn from both of us in one setting is going to be awesome for the attendees! We have so much knowledge between us on our specific topics and being able to attack that education on both ends (seniors and models) is unfound in this industry.

 We have already seen some amazing editorial work from you with your Langford Models campaign to name a few…can we expect to see more as a result of this collaboration?

 Oh, definitely! I already have several editorial shoots in the works for the future months coming up and this will just be added to my expanding editorial portfolio!  I can’t wait!

Your editorial style is definitely defining your brand and garnering a lot of attention! What can attendees expect to learn from you at this workshop?

Nicole…Thank you so much! I’m excited to help attendees find their own unique editorial style and infuse it into images their clients will love, so they can differentiate themselves from their competition. I’ll discuss the logistics of building a core group of like-minded creatives to collaborate with, and the importance of creating a vision that will take their work to a new level. I’ll share everything I’ve learned about connecting with other professionals, working together to produce the results we want, how I got started working with models and agencies, and how I’ve leveraged personal projects into building a business doing what I adore.

What do you hope each attendee walks away with from their day with you and Amanda?

Nicole…I think everyone will learn how they can evolve their brand without losing their personal photography style, and come home with a portfolio full of gorgeous new images that will generate tons of interest and excitement about their work.  It’s so important for us all to try new things so we can grow as artists, but that can be daunting when we’re pressed for time or don’t have willing models to motivate us. With this event, we’ll have at least ten amazing models styled two different ways throughout the day, and a myriad of locations for attendees to try multiple natural-light scenarios. We’ll shoot in a variety of locations but will also challenge oursleves to get beautiful, low-key images in full sun and embrace the shadows and contrast that most of us try to avoid when working with clients. And of course we’ll also shoot in the lovely California sunshine in the afternoon and golden hour, which will be pretty magical at the lake location!

Can you tell us a little bit about the locations?

Nicole…We’ll be shooting in an old gold mining town full of charm and a real gem for photographers, and it’s where I shoot most of my work. We’ll spend part of the day at a nice variety of urban locations, and in the afternoon we’ll head to a nearby lake and focus more on nature shots in dry grass, wooded areas, rock outcroppings, and of course the water.

 How will you choose the models?

Nicole…The models will all be hand-picked by me personally, and will have varying degrees of modeling experience. We’ll be using models I’ve photographed before, so I know they’ll give us great results and will be comfortable in front of the camera. They all have something special to offer and I’m looking forward to seeing how each attendee photographs them from their own perspective!

How will you be incorporating your styling into this event?

Nicole…I’ll be involved in selecting the wardrobe and accessories but will also get input from my team when finalizing each look. I really like a fluid, collaborative process because I find that the end results are always more interesting and eclectic when others share in creating the final look.

We are seeing more of a editorial fusion with senior photography…how do you see the future of senior photography?

Nicole…Seniors are starting to plan for their senior pictures years in advance, and are looking for something that will make an impact with their peers. If they’re seeing the same poses and images over and over, they’ll naturally want something fresh and new when it’s their turn.

We know that their senior portrait experience is an opportunity to showcase their style and create images that make them look and feel beautiful. It’s no longer enough to just have pictures of themselves in their senior year: they’re expecting an EXPERIENCE. The experience of planning, styling, having their hair and makeup done, and essentially being a model for one amazing day.

That said, modeling shots don’t look like typical senior portraits, so there’s really a big disconnect now. As the senior portrait genre evolves, we have an opportunity to fill the gap with editorial elements so that our clients begin to see images that look more editorial, ones that could belong in a magazine. Attendees at this event will be on the forefront of this trend and have updated portfolios to show clients that they have something new to offer, and that they’re on the cutting edge of senior photography.

Be sure to follow both of these fabulous photographers for inspiration!

Amanda Holloway

Nicole Cook