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Today Issue 31-The Fashion Issue is released.  This is the second biggest issue of the year.  It is a personal favorite of mine because it is a year round tool for my business.  I keep a copy for consults to help my clients get an idea of the latest fashion trends, posing trends, and location ideas.  This issue is my go to for my clients.

The cover for this year’s Fashion Issue was photographed by Tara Rochelle.  Inside you will find 176 pages of fashion inspiration from some of your favorite photographers and there are images from PUSH 2017 from our attendees along with reviews!

Here are the contributors to issue 31 so you can have an idea of just how amazing the styling is in this issue!

Tara Rochelle (Cover Artist)

Amanda Holloway

Brooke Daniels

Chelsea Taylor

Ellen Hansen

Sean Brown

Thomas Nguyen

Ben Riley Johnson

Christina Ramirez

Teri Fode

Claire Anderson

Misty Doyle

This issue is again one of my favorites.  One glance inside and you will see why!  But wait there is more…

So when I was planning this issue I decided to release digital subscriptions.  You have asked for it in the past and I knew I wanted to do it but I just did not want release a subscription by itself.  It needed something.  It needed access and opportunity.  I wanted the people who subscribe to get more than just a digital subscription…so in talking to others in the industry, the idea of access was tossed around.  Access and opportunity give our business a chance to grow. Being able to ask questions and get real world answers give us the knowledge to plan for the future of our business.

So lets combine it all and roll out digital subscriptions with a bonus…Access.  If you purchase a digital subscription, you will have access to google hangouts with some of the contributors to the magazine issue.  You will be able to ask them about the article they wrote for that issue.  All hangouts will be focused on the issue so you can get the most from the hangout!  So once you have read the magazine a few weeks later there will be a google hangout exclusive to the digital subscribers.

This takes reading a magazine to a whole new level of interaction!  And what is even better is the fact that you don’t have to worry about missing an issue of Senior Style Guide for a whole year!

Your digital subscription will include the following:

-August 2017 Fashion Issue
-October 2017 Education Issue
-December 2017 HOT 100 Issue
-February 2018 Education Issue
-April 2018 Education Issue
-June 2018 Education Issue
-August 2018 Fashion Issue
That is one year of SSG rolled up into a perfect, effortless package!
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