EYE ON FASHION | decor styling

often I get asked “what should I wear” to my session by my clients.
I typically have a lot to say on that category 🙂  but to narrow down one of the easiest ways I can encourage a client in what to wear is to ask
one simple question:
how do you decorate your bedroom?

for me growing up, my room was my haven – my get-away...
in one corner of my room, I had a giant bulletin board with magazine clippings of quotes, pictures, fashion and whatever would catch my eye,
my floors were hard-wood giving it a home-y feel and in the center I had a big vintage brass bed…
my walls were painted in my favorite color green…
and above my bed I had a window that I would lean my feet up against and stare out of and day dream. 🙂
I loved my room.
my room was me.

for the senior’s that I get to photograph, this seems to ring true to them as well.
their bedroom’s depict what makes them happy, what lights them up, what sort of things they gravitate to…
in asking that one question I can typically figure out a senior’s style by simply paying attention to the details that they fill their room’s with.

so, for today’s EYE ON FASHION, I’ve chosen two distinct types of clients I’ve had this past year, breaking down the main design elements in their room and then visually translating their decor style into an easy way for you to encourage your clients when YOU are asked what should they wear?! 🙂

the first girl is my free-spirited bohemian girl
she is a girl that likes to stay on trend with current fashion, yet likes to add a bold element to her style using different jewel-toned colors + textures…her room might look a little something like this:

BOHO bedroom

after asking about her bedroom design aesthetic, I would then hone in on her love of color + textures and help her translate it into her wardrobe for her session…kind-of like this:

the BOHO senior

another type of client that I have had is a more architectural/urban sort-of girl.
she would be the type of girl with a more minimalistic, modern approach to her bedroom…looking a little like this:

the MODERN bedroom

still completely distinct and fashionable, just a little bit more minimal and functional approach to her fashion…I would encourage her to bring pieces like this to her session:

the MODERN senior

all of this to say, that I also encourage my clients to not box themselves into one style…bring other pieces to play with…accessories that seem fun to them!
these idea boards are simply to give them a direction to head in when they’re left scratching their heads at what to bring to their sessions!

as always, I’d love to hear YOUR opinion on the “what to wear” question…
MUCH love to you and feel free to drop by and say hi!