Continuing Ed…Pinterest Public vs Private Boards

We all love Pinterest.  I mean who isn’t guilty of scrolling through the beautiful eye candy before bed?  Or pinning the perfect items to their “house” or “studio” boards?  But are you using Pinterest effectively?  Do you want someone to hand hold you through the process?  Enter our in house fashionista, Sarah Elle!  She loves Pinterest and is sharing her “how to” information with our lucky readers!

Sarah will be doing video segments to help you utilize Pinterest to it’s fullest and also leverage it for your business.  If you have questions for Sarah feel free to post in the Senior Style Guide private Facebook group or comment below!

Tell us what you think!  Do you want to see more of these video tutorials in the New Year?  Education will become even more of a staple at Senior Style Guide in 2016.  We look forward to hearing about what you want to learn.  Until then, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel HERE so you can see our past videos and stay on top of the most recent ones!