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Today I am featuring not only a fabulous Indianapolis area senior photographer…one who you will all be inspired by but also someone I am proud to call my friend.  We met through the photog channels and struck up a friendship from there.  She has this style about her images that I adore…

Let’s meet the fab Stacy from Stacy Green Photography!

1.  Did you always want to photograph seniors or did you start out with a different focus for your business?

I started out with a love of photography as a whole and just let my experiences along the way lead me to my specialty.  I feel like I came to specialize in Seniors kind of organically. I began to include older students in my business gradually, and when they began to take over the open slots I realized that I’d found my niche. I truly enjoy forming relationships with my clients, who always become friends, and being an active participant in their lives. I continue to photograph all ages & families and I’ll always include referrals in my business, even when they aren’t seniors, because I respect my clients and value that they trust me enough to refer me to their friends and family.


2.  Why Seniors? 

Seniors allow me to get to know my clients and make them, and their families, friends. I have been to volleyball, lacrosse and softball games to get to know my clients personalities. I’ve talked with them extensively and I make it my job to get to know them and how to make them look real .. and like themselves. Developing these relationships helps me to make their photographs really be ABOUT THEM and not just a client who showed up for an appointment.  


3.  In photography we all have the aha moment…what was yours?

I’ve had a couple – and they are basically the same kind of moment, but both have been a serious influence on why I have chosen to make seniors my specialty because I believe there is a specific reason things happen. And apparently some people, ahem, me need more than one chance at noticing 🙂  The story goes like this … One day an acquaintance – and now a friend – called me on the phone and said that she was talking to her daughter and mentioned that she was going to be working with ‘Stacy Green’. The daughter said, ‘You mean Stacy Green of Stacy Green Photography?’ .. and she confirmed that was indeed true. The daughter had heard of me. I was flabbergasted.  And then, as if I needed to be reminded again what God’s plan was, I had another one when I was attending a volleyball game of a senior client and I struck up a conversation with another parent, thanks to an introduction from a clients mom, and she mentioned that she was going to talk to her daughter to see if she wanted to look at some of my work. When the daughter came out, she introduced me, mentioned that she was thinking about hiring me for her portraits and the student – a junior at the time – said that would be great, she’d already seen my work. THAT was when I knew that I had found my niche. My focus had been shown to me twice and the second time I wasn’t going to look at it as just a bit of flattery. Don’t misunderstand – I know those are ‘just recommendations’, but in my business recommendations are what mean the most to me.


4.  How would you describe your style…what makes it your own?

You know, I think this is one of the things that I struggle with quantifying. I certainly think I have a distinct style to my photographs and know that I have found my focus on how I want my photographic art to look, but putting a name to it is always challenging. I’ve had a friend suggest ethereal, and I think that is a good description. I can’t come up with a better one-word description. But I know that I want my photograph to be real and true. I want my photographs to be timeless and something that my client can be proud to hang for a lifetime. I feel like I aim for a vintage feel, but not old-fashioned and soft. I like a crisp, bright photograph that focuses on emotion of the moment and tells a story.


5.  What makes you…well you?

This is a question that is better asked of someone besides me, but maybe I think people would say I’m easy-going and real. I’m fun and friendly and know that making new friends is one of my most favorite things. I just really love to meet new people and learn from them. I think everyday I am learning something new and working to be better at a task. And, I will do anything it takes to get the shot that we want — I’ll rock the speakers in my truck from the road for a client to dance in a field with a prom dress and cowboy boots, I’ll carry furniture to a remote place in the country, I’ll help make footprints in the snow for a heart for an engaged couple and I’ll decorate a Christmas Tree Farm with holiday gear so we can make cards ROCK for clients. THAT is what I do .. THAT is who Stacy Green is.


6.  Your absolute must have item for every session that is non photography related?

Can I have two here? I always make sure I have water and gum in my bag. I just can’t go without those two things.


7.  Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client … well, that is a loaded question. I love clients who are willing to bring themselves to a shoot. Not what their friends say or did, or want to do, but what THEY want. They are also ready to play with the camera and bring things that tell their story. My purpose is to capture moments and make them remember this time in their lives.


8.  If you could go back in time 3 years…what would you tell yourself?

I would tell myself to always remember to balance my life well … Don’t buy more than you need and … Listen to people when they have advice for you. 


9.  Who or what inspires you?

My daughter inspires me to be my best self. I think she is always working toward becoming what she wants to be when she grows up. I want to be as passionate about what I do and love, as she is. I want to capture her zest for life and make it mine in my own way. And, my husband inspires me to keep working to be the best I can be, too. He is always looking forward to the next step and keeps me moving toward being better. I want to make them proud of me.


10.  Tell us any random tidbit of info we may not know about you!

Okay, here goes … I have always had a dog. I would rescue any living thing that I could. I’m scared of spiders. I was a college athlete. I was a professional in the corporate world before I became a photographer. I went to prom three times, but never with a boyfriend. Watermelon is my favorite fruit. Peas are my favorite vegetable. I’m allergic to chocolate & caffeine and have never tasted coffee. Is that enough randomness for you??

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