An Oregon Senior Session

Today’s senior session comes to you from Susan Dusseault of Lily Fields Photography, located in Eugene, Oregon!  Here is what Susan had to say!

Please describe the session for us:

“I met Kendall’s family years ago when she was a little girl, but it was last year that we reconnected through OHSET (Oregon High School Equestrian Teams). I knew that we would want to include Kendall’s horses in her senior session. There is something very special about the bond between a girl and her horse and my goal is to capture that bond in photographs.”

Tell us about the gear used:

“For this session I used my Canon 6D and the lens was the 70-200 2.8. I normally shoot with my 135L but it was out of order at the time. I primarily shoot at a longer focal distance to get that buttery compression you see in the background. I will often use a large reflector to bounce some light onto my subject too. When you photograph horses it helps to have some kind of noise maker, like grain in a bucket, or an assistant to whistle so you can get their ears forward in the photos.”

What inspired this session?

“Horses inspired this session. Kendall has been riding since she was a little girl and has competed in Oregon High School Equestrian Teams all through high school. She brought her favorite horses and I am so glad she did. Senior horse sessions are something I really enjoy doing because my own daughters also ride horses.”

Hair & Makeup Artist(s):

“Usually I hire a hair and makeup artist but this senior really wanted to do her own because that is what she will be going to school for when she graduates high school. How could I say no, right? And she did a great job as you can see.”

Thank you for sharing Susan!  To see more of Lily Fields’ work, give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook!