An Oklahoma Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Magnolia Adams Photography, located in Norman, OK.!

“Madelyn was just precious. I could see her face when she stepped out of the car and the wind blew her hair straight up. I promised her we would find a less windy spot so we walked to our first location. Before she commented that she was a ballerina I could see that she moved with grace. Posing came naturally and easy to her. Some of my favorite shots were of her twirling in a field. I felt like it was the depiction of being wild and free.”

Gear: I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark III and used my 85 1.2 for this session. I felt the compression on the 85 created the desired bokeh I was looking for to make the background gorgeous but not take away from Madelyn.

WOW! No words – these are just breathtaking!! I love the soft look and feel of each image. Beautiful work!!! Thanks for sharing this session with us!

Michelle shared a little about herself: “My name is Michelle and I LOVE taking pictures. I married the most amazing man on the 4th of July and we have two sweet babies, Magnolia and Adam. I am a professional fort builder, nail painter, glue- gunner and Pinterest lover. I never pictured myself getting into photography. I have my Master’s Degree in Education and thought I’d teach for the rest of my life, but God had other plans. He held my hand through the most painful season of my life and turned it into the most hopeful one. Pictures capture joy and hope people want to hold on to; they can help people weather storms because it anchors them. Pictures, and the love they portray, can be so powerful. They freeze time, capture memories and tell stories. For me it’s not just a chance to capture beauty, it’s a chance to highlight positivity, joy and hope. All of the good things we just need to be reminded of.”

You can find more of her work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!

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