An Ohio Senior Session

Today’s senior session comes to you from Connie Fintel of CJ Fintel Photography in Centerville, Ohio.

Connie was thrilled when Heidi, who was looking for a beautifully lit summer morning shoot, agreed to shoot again if they had a snow session opportunity! Here’s what Connie shared with us about this amazing senior:

“Heidi is a pure natural in front of the camera. Her looks and confidence just come through. Before our summer session, she told me that she had just had her long hair cut off for locks of love. What senior girl do you know would do that right before her senior pictures? Well this girl had no problem and could rock a session no matter what length her hair. She is stunning and so unique right down to her clothing. Everything pictured, her wardrobe, makeup and hair style, was all chosen and created by Heidi.

The locations I chose are all local – small fields, parks and areas right off the side of the roads. I prefer the off beaten paths and look first and foremost for light and canopied nooks and crannies. Everything depends on the light and how it filters in around my client. I use strictly natural light aided by a hand held reflector. However, my winter session with the snow was incredible!! Who needs a reflector when there is a ginormous one laying all around you! This was the first time that my area of the country had snow in 2 years and it almost makes me want to up and move north!! I was in heaven. And the images that can be taken in this setting are just breath-taking.”
senior style guide

senior style guide
senior style guidesenior style guidesenior style guidesenior style guidesenior style guide
What an incredible Senior Heidi is!!! LOVE the hair style 🙂 and thanks so much for sharing Connie.

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We love sharing your sessions so keep inspiring us and sending them our way!