An Ohio Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Heidi Campany Photography, located in Chardon, Ohio!

“This was a session with a 2014 senior from one of our local high schools. I’ve been wanting to do an apple orchard session in the fall and found this small orchard adjacent to one of our beautiful parks here in Geauga County Ohio. In addition, the black vintage automobile just happened to be parked in the parking lot. The owners of the vehicle were out for a walk and told us that the car was open and were welcome to use it.”

Inspiration: “I love everything about Autumn. It’s so fleeting…..the colors on the tree, pumpkins and gourds, apple picking, warm apple cider, homemade applesauce. This time of year just makes me feel so warm, even though the air is beginning to get crisp and cool. Definitely my favorite time of year here in Ohio.”

Gear: “I work with a Nikon D700, 85mm 1.4 lens and the 50mm 1.8 lens. Sometimes I use my Nikon speed light for a pop of fill flash and/or a reflector.”

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Oh I love the country touches to this session! The apples, the denim, the truck…it all came together so well! Way to nail this session, I know she loved these!

Heidi shared: “The only thing that I am more passionate about than photography is my family! I have a husband who has been my best friend for the last 20 some years and two amazing teenage daughters. I started Heidi Campany Photography over five years ago although I have been an avid photographer since my late teens. My largest clientele by far are my high school seniors but I also photograph families and children among other things. I am so very thankful that I am fortunate enough to have my own business doing what I absolutely love and a wonderful family who support me. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

You can find more of her work on Facebook and Instagram!

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