An Indiana Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Amber Archer Photography, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Amber shared about this session: “Don’t let the rain stop you!! 
Indiana weather can be so unpredictable at times and the day was looking great, until we started hair and makeup. It poured the whole time during our prep and at one point I remember us all looking at each other and taking a long look outside. The session I had envisioned wasn’t happening at all! Which leaves room to get creative which in turn always seem to be the best shoots of all. 
The rain let up as we were leaving from hair and makeup. The skies stayed overcast yet the light was perfect for a rock’in senior session!”

Gear: “Canon 7D, 85 1.8″

Inspiration: “The spunky crazy personality of this young lady!! 
I love getting to know my seniors before we shoot. That’s really the best part, photographing them is just a perk ;)”

Hair & MUA: Kristy Jahn

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How fabulous is her hair?! I am loving these shots…and the location! Great work, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Amber shared a little about herself: “I’m wife to my wonderful husband, Mark, busy mom to our little girls, ages 2 & 4. 
I’ve always been a family portrait photographer, until last year. My niece was a graduating 2014 Senior, so of course I just had to take her pictures. I was hooked!! To me there is nothing more exciting than to get these energetic, young adults in front of my lens! They’re dreamers and full of life…I love that!!!”

You can find more of her work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!

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