An Indiana Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Sean Molin Photography, located in Zionsville, Indiana.

Sean shared a little about this session: “Well, it didn’t start off so hot. I lost my wallet. I couldn’t find parking. I was almost out of gas. I was pretty flustered.
But hey, the weather and the model were lovely. I knew Kelsey through her older sister, Cara, who was a previous senior of ours. We spent an hour in downtown Indy on Mass Ave, and created something beautiful. We decided to schedule the second part of the session for a future date due to time constraints. I bummed $5 off her dad for gas, and I was on my way.
The next day Kelsey got her wisdom teeth out. Ha. So it wasn’t until about three weeks later we were able to complete the shoot, but we did it in style at a family friend’s abandoned farm with one of her dad’s classic cars. The golden hour light was insane, and magic happened.”

Gear: “The entire session was shot with a Nikon D800. Two lenses were used; the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 and Nikkor 85mm f/1.4. I’m very well known for my off-camera use, but no need on this session. I didn’t feel it was necessary to compliment Kelsey, but also the lighting we were working with was so good both nights.The square image is a composite of three frames to exaggerate the shallow depth of field.”

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I loved the locations used here. And the last shot with the car….ohhhh so good. And I love how she knots her sweaters! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome senior session with us!

Sean shared a little about himself: “Sean Molin is a photographer from Zionsville, Indiana who has been committed to the craft since 2008. Sean specializes in lifestyle photography using both digital and analog cameras. His primary areas of focus are weddings and engagements, high school senior portraits, and modern family photography. In addition to these staples, he has a niche talent in live music and concert photography,. He also does abstract and travel art photography, some of which has been featured large-print in art local art galleries and sold across the world.
His work has won competitive awards and been featured in several magazines from Popular Photography, to Premier Guitar, and Revolver, and on countless blogs and webcasts from all over the globe including Scott Kelby’s The Grid.
Sean is very technical minded, almost to a fault, and has a passion for gear as well as the art. Because he hates bad photos, he very much enjoys teaching others the way, and because of his immense technical experience and body of work, he is more than qualified.”

You can find more of Sean’s work on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK!

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