An Illinois Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Captured by Katie Photography, located in Collinsville, IL.

Describe this session for our readers:
“Three of my Senior girls decided to participate in my Metallic Gypsies themed shoot. The girls were instructed to choose a neutral colored dress, and bring gold jewelry they had that paired well with a bohemian theme. I purchased gold jewelry and flash tattoos for the girls to wear. I gave free reign to the hair and makeup artists to do whatever they liked with the girl’s hair styles and makeup. The location was a park setting, and they day was bright and sunny, which was absolutely perfect for the theme.”

What inspired this session?
“Metallic Gypsies came to life when I knew I wanted to do a theme shoot that had a bohemian feel to it. I was walking down the aisles of a craft store and saw some metallic temporary flash tattoos. That sparked the idea to have a Coachella vibe to my bohemian shoot. I brought the idea up to my hair and makeup artists, and they were ecstatic to be on board. I created a Pinterest board to give a general idea to the seniors and the hair and makeup artists on how I wanted the shoot to feel/look. It all came together perfectly in the end!”

What gear did you use?
Nikon D800
85mm F1.8
50mm F1.4
70-200 F2.8

Hair & MUA?
“The Glam Fam
– Mallory Wilson
– Kasey Presswood”

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Metallic gypsies! I love it! I know the models had to have had such an AMAZING time with this shoot! Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous photos with us!!

You can find more of her work on Facebook and Instagram!

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