An Idaho Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Alex James Photography, located in Mountain Home, ID!

“The seniors was really wanting something with texture mixed with a chic style. She wanted urban and country all wrapped up into one shoot. It was difficult since I am new to the Boise, Idaho area luckily the senior had scoped out a few locations that really help me put together the two contrasting styles.”

Gear: Canon 5d classic
Canon 70/200 2.8L non-is
Natural light

Incredible images! They are absolutely beautiful…the Senior really rocked her session! And those eyes – WOW!! Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous session with us!

Alex shared a little about himself: “I am a natural light photographer, I am coming off of a two year break of shooting portraits due to joining the United States Air Force and now I am stationed in the Boise, Idaho area specializing in senior portrait photography.”

You can fine more of his work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!

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