An Idaho Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Jason Duchow Photography, located in Oldtown, Idaho!

Describe this session for our readers:
“Grant had two loves that he wanted to show off in his senior portrait session. His first was baseball and his second was the jeep that he fully restored. My goal was to show off these two passions in a unique and vibrant way.”

What inspired this session?
“I love doing action portraits of athletes using strobes to give them a look and feel like they would never get with standard action photos of them during a game. With Grant being a catcher I knew we could get some interesting action shots. With Grant’s jeep we chose a location that would get a good view of the sunset and give the feeling that this was just a stop over after doing some off-roading, the magic of photography is that in reality we were just outside of the city limits. I was very honored that one of the photos of Grant with his Jeep was featured in the latest Senior Style Guide Hot 100!”

What gear did you use?
“Canon 1DX, 70-200 f2.8, 17-40 f4, Paul C. Buff Einsteins triggered with a Cybercync commander for standard portraits and pocket wizards for the action portraits.”

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Serious lighting skills there! I especially love the baseball ones:) Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!

You can find more of Jason’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

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