An Illinois Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Shelby Photography, located in Washington, IL!

“The photographs were taken in different locations in our community of Washington.”

GEAR: Canon 5D Mark 3
Reflector – daylight side – mom holding
Canon 85/1.8
Canon 70-200/2.8

Beautiful sunflower field and a gorgeous senior? What more can you want?? LOVELY!! Thanks for sharing this session with us!

Cindy shared a little about herself: “My community of Washington, IL was leveled on November 17 by an EF-4 tornado last year. My neighborhood to the west and only 2 houses down from mine was flattened. In total.. 1100 homes were blown away. It is amazing how the community, state, and nation have come together to help us start the rebuilding and clean up process. If you were among those people, thank you so much! These images were taken on an empty lot in my neighborhood where a house once stood and a small patch of sunflowers were growing. What you can’t see in the image were lots of tractors, back hoes, and destruction. We snuggled her into the sunflowers at just the right angle to make it look like she was in a field.”

You can find more of her work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!

Thanks for reading SSG!