A Washington Styled Senior Session

Today’s stunning styled senior session comes to you from Peppin Photography of Olympia, Washington.

Nathan was kind enough to share a wealth of information with us:

“Whether it is sports, fashion, or a themed shoot I think creating separation from the deluge of photographers in your market is important.  With the recent surge of fantasy and fairy tale movies and TV sitcoms I wanted to take advantage of that.  This session was originally intended to be a short show real film but the dogs were actually too nice and not well trained so we modified and predominately did stills.  The dress is borrowed from a friend and the cape is an inexpensive costume cape.  Why?  Because unless you are doing a product shoot pictures don’t see brands or expenses.  It need not cost hundreds of dollars for a themed shoot.  The makeup was provided by a professional MUA for trade.  The most expensive cost of the whole shoot were the dogs $100 to the friend who spent 4 hours with us.  All in the shoot may have cost $150 to me.  That is an incredibly low investment for the output and potential word of mouth advertising.”ssg8ssg7ssg6ssg5ssg4ssg3ssg2ssg1

Thanks so much for sharing this amazing session with us!

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