A Washington Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Tara Giles Photography, located in Puyallup, WA.

Describe this session for us:
“Emma is one of my senior models for the class of 2017, so we worked together on several group photo shoots prior to this. For her individual senior portrait session, Emma really wanted something completely different than we had done before. She chose to have her photo shoot take place in downtown Tacoma and also on the Ruston Way Waterfront. It was nothing short of epic!

We began on Tacoma’s colorful Opera Alley, and worked our way around to the street above. The many different storefronts in just this one block radius provided multiple backgrounds, colors and setting options. And can we talk for a minute about how beautiful and stylish this girl is?! Her golden curls, sweet smile and those outfits … OMG! I love how she seemed to effortlessly pull together cute accessories and shoes to match her outfits, and always looked flawless.

After about 90 minutes downtown, we took a short drive to the waterfront. This is where Emma’s vision of being in a dress on the beach came to life! She looked absolutely stunning! We spent an hour walking up and down the beach, playing in the water, and she was turning heads everywhere she went.

This entire day with Emma was so much fun! Her sense of style and willingness to get creative made this session absolutely amazing!”

What inspired this session?
“Emma really wanted something different and non-traditional for her part of her senior session. She had visions of wearing a flowy dress on the beach and in the water. She found this red one online, showed it to me, and we immediately fell in love with it! The moment she received it, she put it on and sent me photos from her phone. Ideas came flooding in!”

What gear did you use?
“Camera: Canon 5D MarkIII
Lens: Canon 70-200, f2.8
Reflector and diffuser when needed”

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I love the variety! And she totally rocked her red dress:))))
Thanks so much for sharing this session with us!!

You can find more of Tara’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

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