A Washington Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Alex Lasota Photography, located in Richland, WA!

“Kathyann’s senior session integrated fall fashion alongside a more rustic, urban setting. Abandon buildings that aligned old railroad tracks in Pasco, Washington made for the perfect location as they offered both diversity and consistency in their stylistic nature. Kathyann combined one of falls most notable maroon colors, alongside a crocheted knit, skinny jeans and brown cut off boots. Her style meshed perfectly with our location, making her all the more confident during our session. As we walked from alley ways to abandon buildings we noticed some unique street art that became the prime topic of conversation. Taken during golden hour we were able to mix some sun flare into our setting, which allowed me to stay true and consistent to my style and brand. Both Kathyann and myself had a great time getting to know each other better, while we made our creative vision come to life.”

Tell us about the gear used: “For this senior session I used the Canon 5D Mark III, alongside the Canon 50mm 1.2 and the 85mm 1.2. Both lenses give me that soft creamy bokah that I am for in my photo work.”

What inspired this session: “This session was a collaborative effort between Kathyann and myself. Kathyann had mentioned that she was inspired by the look of ‘run down buildings’ as she wanted her senior session to have an urban yet rustic style to it. Knowing this, I scouted for areas that mirrored the inspiration she described to me, and happened to stumble up some old abandon buildings in Pasco, Washington. Discussing inspiration and ideas during in person consultations is necessary, so I am able to piece together my clients ultimate dream session. From our first in person encounter, to emails, texts, and Pinterest boards, our ideas continually evolve until we reach the point where we know exactly what we are aiming for. This makes for our session to flow, allowing us to have a fun and relaxed time during the process.”

Hair and Makeup Artist: “Jack of all trades: Kathyann.”

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Love what she’s wearing! This location is really neat, and I love use of sunlight:) You really utilized this location well, love all the poses! Thanks so much for sharing this session with us!

You can find more of Alex’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

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