A Washington Senior Session

Today’s featured session comes to you from Kylee Ann Photography of Olympia, Washington.

Here’s what she shared about her fantastic themed shoot:

“Brooklyn wanted to incorporate her obsession into her senior photos. Harry Potter Senior Pictures became more important than the originals. It took a long time for us to choose her senior picture outfits, but when it came time for Harry Potter she had her pile set out for over a month. The outfit, the wand, the map, her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, the owl, the books, the extra books, etc etc.

Brooklyn is Harry Potter OBSESSED. She has all the books and books on tape. Whenever she is showering, cleaning her rooms, or working on something, she has the Harry Potter books playing from her stereo. She listens to and reads the series over and over and over again. She watches the movies over and over and over again. She LOVES Harry Potter.”


Love it!!!! What a fun, original and absolutely memorable session! I can’t even single out a favorite!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and which images are your own personal faves!

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