A Virginia Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Ali Johnson Photography, located in Charlottesville, VA!

“I’ve been waiting two years for my assistant Erin to become a senior so I could photograph her ballet moves! She’s also one of my reps and has been dancing since she was three so there was no question about it being a part of her session.
We started out with some high key shots and then moved onto the more dramatic low key shots. I love how with a few simple lighting adjustments, you can completely change the mood of a photograph!
As soon as I started editing the photos, I knew they had to be black & white! The lighting and Erin’s dance costumes just called out for it! I also think by making them black and white, it really adds some mystery to the session. I also love how Erin’s eyes just pop out of the photos!”

Gear: “I used my Canon 5D Mark III and my 85 mm 1.2 for all of the photos. For the lighting, I used two different methods. The photos with the white background, I had Erin stand in front of a 50×50 softbox and used a beauty dish for the main light and a silver reflector for fill. For the shots with the dark backgrounds, I used 2 or 3 AlienBee Strobes (depending on the shot). I used a gridded beauty dish for the main light and 7 inch reflectors with honey comb grids for the accent lights.”

Inspiration: “Even though we were in my studio, I really wanted to capture the drama of a stage performance.”

Hair & MUA: “Erin did her own hair and a senior client of mine from the previous year did her makeup.”

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Oh wow, I love these! Especially the ones with black background…ohhh the moody lighting!! Very well done! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

“I’ve been in business for about five years and have been specializing in senior for the past two years. I use strobes in every single session, indoors and out. I absolutely love the variety they allow me to create with my senior sessions!”

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