A Virginia Senior Session

Today’s featured session comes to you from Meredith Sledge Photography of Waynesboro, Virginia.

” This session is definitely one of my favorites. One night I was driving around town right before sunset and I passed by a field where the light was shining through the wheat and I got so inspired. I seriously saw the shoot in my head right then and I knew I needed to put a post out looking for a senior or someone interested in modeling.

I finally found Hannah who I knew would be perfect for the shoot because of her bohemian style. I sent some outfit ideas and she ran with it, choosing some awesome Free People clothing, which is one of my favorite brands.

We started out at an old, run down motel in Afton, VA and as the sun started to set, we drove on over to the field and finished up there.

This session was totally inspired by the location. I am 100% inspired by outfits and locations so I really just let me mind run free and allowed myself to be creative in a way that I’m normally not at a senior session. I knew Hannah would be willing to get a little dirty and let me do things like put her hair in wheat so it ended up being perfect!”


Canon 5D Mark III, my 35mm 1.4, my 85mm 1.2, and my 50mm 1.2

Love the open field shot! Let us know what you love about this session before you head over to Facebook and Instagram to see more of her senior work.

Keep those fabulous sessions coming our way!