A Utah {Guy} Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Kelly Cannon Photography of Saratoga Springs, Utah.
Here’s what Kelly shared with us about her stylish guy session Andrew, her son!
” He just graduated from Westlake HS in Saratoga Springs, UT and was involved in choir, Acapella, and his schools’ competing singing group, the Madrigals. He also has his own  singing Acapella group called “Last Minute” which has been rapidly gaining fans and success!  He is going on to pursue a career as a doctor of Pediatrics.  We shot his Seniors in Provo, UT in an industrial area and also in Alpine, UT around a beautiful stream and foliage.  I was drawn to the deep colors of the orange and blue backgrounds/buildings.
 In one of the pictures, he is wearing his official Madrigals tuxedo which he sported much of his Junior and Senior singing career.  The blue and green sweater combination was a score, which brought out his eyes.  The newsies hat and bow tie pictures are very sentimental to him.  He lost his great grandfather who he was very close to last year and all the male grandchildren received one of grandpa’s ties.  He wore it in honor of him and continues to do so. “
Thanks so much for sharing such a person session and story!  I LOVE the color schemes and the hat is my favorite!! 🙂
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