A Texas Session

Today’s featured session comes to you from Abby Camaratta Photography, located in Texas.

“This was my “Teen” shoot with Zoë. She is only 16 but she is VERY mature! She is definitely a wise old soul. Not only is she gorgeous, shes extremely intelligent, gifted in the arts, and a dancer. She has a love for fashion and I have a love for fashion photography so she volunteered! This shoot was taken in the heart of Houston. Some places, like in front of the purple house, there were TONS of sticker-burs! I got them all over my TOMS and pants! Everywhere you stepped you were bushing up against them. I Love texture and color! Who doesn’t right!? We found all the locations we used on one street. The day before, she and I met at the mall to go shopping. I don’t have one fashionable bone in my body so I needed her expertise! The whole wardrobe (almost) was bought at H&M. I didn’t realize it till we got home that we didn’t use ONE piece of jewelry that we bought! I had a blast on this shoot! Cant wait to do more some time with her! “

Now, enjoy these lovely photos!!

Senior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

This background is the perfect color to contrast her shirt!Senior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style Guide


Senior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

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