A Texas Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Camille Davis Photography, located in Amarillo, TX!

Describe this session for us:
“Mason session turned out amazing! We knew we wanted something fresh, and green, but being Amarillo we still had dead grass, and colder weather, not to mention the crazy wind we get here. I sat down to think of some options that we might have, and I kept coming back to the idea of wanting to shoot in a greenhouse.

Being a natural light photographer made this a perfect location. It was over cast that day and the green house roof made a perfect soft box. We were able to capture some really great images, and provide a green spring like look to the session. I was also able to add in some neat texture to the photos by using the greenhouse condenser. I look forward to shooting more seniors there are as they get more and more plants in.

Here are some things I learned when looking for a green house to shoot in.

I would suggest looking for a nursery that grows their own plants, because what I found as I stopped at several different nurseries, was that the one that had their plants shipped in still didn’t have much to offer at this time; however, the nurseries that planted and grew their own plants were full and ready to offer us the type of scenery we were looking for.

Another benefit of partnering with the nursery was it gave me a chance to build just one more connection in my community, and the owner was super gracious in letting us shoot there. I made sure to tag her on social media as a thank you for allowing us to use her beautiful space.

So if you find yourself with a lack of scenery considering looking to a local nursery. It provides great light and cover from the element including rain and crazy wind.”


What inspired this session?

“A need for greenery and spring in an area that was still pretty dead.”


What gear did you use?

“Canon 6d 85mm 1.8 and reflector.”

Hair & MUA: 
Joy Peacock


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Senior Style Guide

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Oh gosh, I love these! The brown tones worked so well, and she’s absolutely beautiful! Way to nail these shots:) Thanks so much for sharing this session and your thoughts with us! Using a nursery is genius!

You can find more of Camille’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

Thanks for reading SSG!