A Texas Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Christina Ramirez Photography, located in San Antonio, TX!

“This was a session that I did in collaboration with a local, insanely talented boudoir and fashion photographer in my area, Angela from Raven Red Photography and my hair/makeup artist Marci Madla Brigance. We are all great friends and have been wanting to shoot together for a long time. When I brought this idea to Angela she was all in immediately and brought her flair to it. Marci is SO incredible with hair and makeup and as a project shoot we really just gave her the idea of what we wanted – my only request was gold warrior inspired face paint – the rest I told Marci to be creative and have FUN! I also wanted to challenge myself to be outside the box, something outside of what I normally shoot. I didn’t want to be safe. Angela is great at shooting in full sun, so I also challenged myself to shoot in full sun without fear – just go for it! That’s the point of a project shoot, especially with collaborations, be daring, try new things, don’t say “no,” break all the rules. It’s amazing how doing this allows the creativity to flow from everyone involved and through that, magic happens! It was a session we all needed to feed our souls – we ALL left on cloud nine and to date it’s one of my favorite shoots so far.”

Gear: “I shot with the Canon 70-200 2.8L series and a Canon Mark iii.”

Inspiration: ” have been wanting to do a warrior princess inspired shoot for about 2 years, but just with my schedule along with not finding the right model I feel fit the look, it just hadn’t happened. Brianne is one of my 2016 senior models, and the moment I saw her I KNEW she was my warrior princess. I was inspired by her gorgeous cheekbones, her beautiful eyes and I LOVED her skin tone. I knew she could pull the look off well – I didn’t realize she’d knock it out the park!”

Hair & MUA: “Marci Madla Brigance – she is amazing!”

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I remember seeing these AHmazing images on your Instagram and being totally blown away….these are absolutely STUNNING. I love that you pushed your boundaries and came out with great rewards! Thanks so much for sharing this FAB session with us:)

You can find more of Christina’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

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