A Texas Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Michelle Ivy Photography, located in Spring, Texas!

This was a 2015 model session. I want to do something creative and unique. I wanted to push myself and I also wanted my models to be creative and have some decision making power in this session. I decided that I wanted to do a session underwater. Who better than to try something new out on. I wanted it to be more than just girls in prom dresses though, so I sent them requirements. 1. Pick a character from a fairytale, book or movie. 2. Create 3 separate scenes that tell your characters story. The models and their moms took this assignment so seriously. The props that they made were incredible. I could not be more pleased with the amount of effort that they put into this shoot.”

Gear: “Although this is an underwater shoot, I don’t have any fancy housing for my camera. I actually wanted to do this with my models and see if I even liked it before purchasing thousands of dollars worth of equipment. So I used what I had…a GoPro on a tripod, and a an underwater point shoot. The GoPro was the main camera. The point and shoot was only used so that we could see how the poses looked and see if we needed to make changes to what we were trying to accomplish.”

Inspiration: “Many things inspired this session. I wanted to shoot underwater. Girls love dressing up especially like Disney Princesses. I wanted them to show their own creativity and I wanted them to say over their session. So we just combined all of it together to get this outcome.”

Hair & MUA: “None. Although the girls did wear make up, this was an element that we were unsure about. The make up lasted and held up way more than what we were expecting.”

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Oh wow! I have never shot underwater before! These are so incredible! I love how each model told a story. Thanks so much for sharing this unique session with us!

Michelle shared a little about herself: “I am mom of 2 great kids, boy and a girl. I have been married for 24 years. 
I am a Seniors Only photographer. I have a studio location in Tomball, Texas. I have been in business since 2010. I shoot 50 seniors a year. I am a one man show so that is really all I can do.”

You can find more of her work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!

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