A Texas Senior Session

Today’s featured session comes to you from Jenny Sawyer Photography of Keller, Texas.

Jenny sent us an amazing group session and had this to share:

“This session is my All-American girl / camping on the beach with a vintage twist. What girl doesn’t want to be placed in the middle of an Abercrombie / American Eagle ad? Since this was the type of marketing that was being presented while they were growing up, I thought it would be fun to make their dreams come true (with our own style).

The concept for the shoot was that the girls all hopped in a vintage VW Bus to go camping on the beach. Once at the beach, the girls kicked back and relaxed by playing football, cards, making s’mores, and just having some good old fashioned fun.

The inspiration for the session began with a friend’s antique VW Bus. I knew I wanted to do an All-American girl/camping on the beach concept, so what better way to incorporate the Bus than for it to be their mode of transportation. Each girl added her own Americana / vintage twist to make the shoot her own and create an overall group personality that just rocked!”


“My amazing makeup artist and hair stylist is Shelly with Shelly Evans Hair Design. She is such a gift to me and my seniors as she partners with me to make each girl feel beautiful and perfect the way God made them.”

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