A Texas Senior Session

Today’s featured session comes to you from Devon J Imagery of Burkburnett, Texas.

“When I get to photograph someone that I know, it takes on an extra special meaning to me! Hannah is one of Jenzen’s dance teachers, and as a former dancer (and current lover of dance) I was extra excited about the dance-related photos she wanted to do. The landscape where we live is really beautiful right now. There is lots of fresh spring grass that hasn’t been cut yet, so it has that wild quality about it that I like, especially when the Texas spring wind comes into play…and it ALWAYS comes into play!

Hannah has a chic, simple style, and she wanted a mix of urban and natural, so that’s what we went for. Hannah has a light-up-the-world smile, and her beautiful spirit shines through it!


Makeup by Kandace Burns Beauty
Hair by Caitlyn Black

Love those dance shots!!! Let us know what you love about this session then head over to Facebook and Instagram @devonjimagery to see more senior work by Devon!