A Tennessee Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Amilia Photography, located in Nashville, TN!

“This was a beautiful, sun-soaked session that was filled with so much laughter! Briana is the beautiful senior featured in this senior session and she is part of the Class of 2016 in Nashville. Briana is an incredibly talented singer, dancer, and actress on top of being drop dead gorgeous. But one of my favorite things about her is how kind she is–when you’re around her it becomes so evident that she is comfortable in her own skin.

Briana and her mom both said after seeing their images that these photographs capture who Briana is so well, which is exactly what I hope to create for all of my seniors.”

Tell us about the gear used: “I shot this session with my Canon 6D, Sigma Art 50mm, Canon 85mm 1.8 lens.”

What inspired this session: “This session was really inspired by movement. Briana is so much fun to photograph because she is up for anything. I love getting my seniors to move during their sessions because I find that movement brings out the best expressions. Briana jumped around, leapt, danced, and flipped her hair throughout her senior session. Her enthusiasm allowed us to capture some awesome, creative images.
Briana told me her favorite feature was her hair (I mean wow! It’s amazing!) so we definitely wanted to create images that showed off her amazing hair. The awesome hair-flip photograph combined movement and Briana’s favorite feature to create a stunning image.”

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Her hair certainly is amazing!!! I bet yall had so much fun shooting these…and her smile is infectious! You nailed these shots…thanks so much for sharing this session with us!

You can find more of Amilia’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

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