A South Dakota Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Katie Swatek Photography  of Wagner, South Dakota.

Katie had so much to share with us about her amazing double session with Shawna!

“Working with Shawna was an absolute joy. She fell so naturally into every pose and brought outfits that reflected her personality perfectly.  We used two different locations in her double session and she brought unique makeup and hair looks for each one.  Our first session was shot at an old campus in a Marty, South Dakota. Formerly a Catholic school for Native Americans, it provided so many ‘antiqued’ looking backdrops and nooks that really contrasted Shawna’s style. In her second session, she brought so many brightly colored outfits that it easily became my favorite. It was shot around the buildings that are in Wagner, where my studio is located. By request, we ended the session in her prom dress — which she totally rocked — along with some gorgeous cat-eye makeup. “

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous sessions with us! I just love the variety in every shot and the vibrant colors make it all so full of life!

To see more work from Katie, visit her on Facebook.

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