A North Carolina Senior Session | Hot 100 Winner

Hot 100 Winner, Katie Myrick, submitted a black and white image that has given a whole new realm of perspective to the group styled shoot: lifestyle. bonding. connection. We asked Katie if we could share this session on the blog, so check out Katie Myrick Photography‘s beautiful work!

“This session was the very first Senior Model Crew shoot for my 2016 Seniors and I wanted it to be EPIC. The theme was “Traveling Gypsy’s”. My goal was to tell the story of a group of girls traveling, living life and having one heck of a good time while doing it. The shoot was split into two portions. A daytime shoot with an airplane and a night shoot with a beautiful bus and 400 feet of industrial lights. The girls embraced the “Traveling Gypsy’s” theme wholeheartedly and truly let their beautiful souls shine. Slipping off their shoes, gathering closely, and swaying to the music…They laughed till they cried, danced under the lights and formed bonds that will never be broken.”

Gear: Nikon D 3, Sigma 35 mm ART f/1.4 and an Ice light.

Inspiration: “I specialize in both Seniors and Lifestyle Family. I had just attended the PUSH conference, hosted by Senior Style Guide, and jumped at the opportunity for a portfolio review by this guy I’d never heard of who had freakin’ incredible work (Dan Brouillette). During the portfolio review, he kept commenting on how my black and white lifestyle work was that which evoked emotion and he challenged me to incorporate the black and white documentary style somehow into my senior work. I took his advice and ran with it. Because black and white images speak to me in a way that color images just don’t.

I really wanted this portion of the shoot to have a “Free People” vibe. My girls camped out on the side of the road, stretching their legs, playing music and having one heck of a good time. All they needed was a little direction, a task (like playing the guitar), and I moved around them shooting the giggles, the movement and the unexpected events (like dancing to the nay nay song). Having a killer model crew, so trusting, loving and willing to give it their all, was also a HUGE factor in making this shoot what it is. What you see is them. Who they are. Who they want to be. And who they will be in the future. AMAZING young women.”

Hair: Alex James at True Images Salon and Bridget Jernigan-Gregory
Makeup: Crystal Colson with Merle Norman of Elizabeth City
Boutique Clothing: Honey & Hive Boutique
Jewlery: Be Fair & Bloom
Location/Bus/Man Power: Craft Air Services, LLC

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Katie, this session definitely evokes emotion. Way to nail it!

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