A New York Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Matthew Turner Images in Syracuse, NY.

This amazing {guy} senior session was a two part shoot full of inspiration for us all! Matthew told us his approach is ” to not be a factory of limiting background choices and cranking out portraits. I would rather sit down with the student and parents to create a unique image that not only tells a story of who the person is at this time of their lives,but to do so in a way that is different than every one else’s images.” I think he’s done a fantastic job of doing just that!

” The first session we shot in the studio…. the portrait with his drumsticks was taken outside during mid afternoon against the studios brick wall. I underexposed the overall ambient lighting and used a blue gelled back light to give the feeling of an evening shoot.

His mom also wanted to do an image that was really over the top for the typical conservative market. We brainstormed some ideas and came up with the piano in the woods image. The logistics of finding the location and piano fell into place much easier than expected. The difficult part was trying to schedule between our busy schedules and the weather.”

senior style guidesenior style guidesenior style guidesenior style guidesenior style guidesenior style guidesenior style guideWe’d love to hear your thoughts!!! And head over to Mathew Turner Images’ Facebook page for more of his work!