A Montana Senior Session | Hot 100 Winner

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Kacie Q Photography, located in Bozeman, Montana! Kacie was also one of our Hot 100 winners!

“Andrew’s session was super fun! We had an entire old building that use to be a school, to roam around in. One of Andrew’s passions and hobbies was acting, and he worked in the theater, that was also in the building, as an intern. He gave me a tour of the building and I made sure to make mental notes of where I wanted to shoot as we walked around. We utilized just about everything from a concession stand counter, to old chalk boards, to the theater itself, to a retro couch sitting in a hallway and even the outside of the building.”

Gear: “5D Miii, 50mm 1.8”

Inspiration: “The inspiration behind Andrew’s shoot was his goal and ambition to become an actor one day. I wanted to treat it as not just a senior shoot, but something he could use to further his career and ambitions. Andrew’s wardrobe also inspired me to photograph the shoot in more of an editorial sense. GQ immediately came to mind when I first arrived and saw his tie and vest. We used a combination of his wardrobe the surroundings of the theater and building we were in as a source of inspiration for the shoot.”

Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

Very GQ, for sure! I love the inspiration and how you were able to max out the location! Thanks so much for sharing your Hot 100 session with us!

You can find more of her work on Facebook and Instagram!

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