A Montana Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from VioletRay Photography of Florence, Montana.

Trina had so much to share with our readers about her OCF session with Lizzie:

“This senior session was a landmark for me and my seniors. Having just returned from my Lighting Workshop in France with Nichole Van, this was the beginning of a new chapter for VioletRay Photography. This session has me all a-buzz because it was my first session lit with my OCF set up, my 1600 Alien Bee strobe with my 8′ umbrella. (YES! 8 feet of parabolic goodness!)

Lizzie is my Senior SpokesModel for Missoula’s Sentinel High School. She has got the most amazing and gentle spirit, and yet, you can feel her excitement  for life.

We had an extraordinary team make this benchmark session a RAGING success! Styled by a locally owned boutique, Apricot Lane, Lizzie was totally in style with all the most amazing new dresses on the market, and my amazing “senior styling team”, Skin Chic and Shear Art, did her hair and make-up to accent her natural golden glow.

Being able to reach out and work with those in my local community is an incredible blessing. Knowing that there is someone there who wants to, as much as CAN, help you out because of good interpersonal relationships is what makes being a photographer more than just a job. It’s a privilege and a joy! ‘

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LOVE those bridge shots!!!

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