A Minnesota Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Nicole Spangler Photography, located in Big Lake, Minnesota!

Describe this session for us: 
“This session was inspired by the annual music festival, Coachella. Specifically the fashion/makeup/and hair trends.”

What inspired this session?
“I have always loved the fashion that is worn by Coachella goers. The fashion vibe is a mix of boho and hippy with a twist of rocker. I decided it would be fun to shoot a Coachella themed shoot with my 2018 senior models. Being that we live in Minnesota with no palm trees or desert in sight, I think we were successful in creating a similar Coachella vibe!

When I spoke with my 2018 senior models about this shoot they were super excited. I knew I wanted a mixture of boho and rocker with some variations in between. My senior models put together some amazing outfits for the Coachella theme. They each had 2 outfit changes and they really had some fun outfits and accessories! SM Makeup provided the hair and makeup and they were spot on with each look. I love the variety that they provided for each girl.

One of my favorite images is of the girls waiting to go to the bathroom. I can’t remember which model had the idea, but it was perfect! My model Amanda has a really awesome Beetle that is iridescent. It changes colors from purple, to green, to pink, to blue. It was so cute. My models thought it would be fun to shoot with the Beetle and I love the images we got! It definitely has a festival vibe. I also love the variety of shots that we got throughout the day. It really showcases the Coachella vibe (even though we live in Minnesota!)”

What gear did you use?
“Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 24-70L ii, Sigma Art 50mm 1.4, Reflector”

Hair & MUA?
SM Makeup, Inc.

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SO fun! I love this fashion concept as well:) Love the shot of the girl looking to the side with her hair blowing!! Ahh, well, they’re all good shots! Thanks so much for sharing this fun session with us!

You can find more of Nicole’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

Thanks for reading SSG!