A Minnesota Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Photography by Kelly Klatt, located in Buffalo, MN!

“This photoshoot featured our ‘Kelly Klatt Senior Model Team 2016’! I had 20 girls from 8 different high schools come to my studio for our 4th annual group shoot! Every year, the group gets a little bigger…which is SO exciting! Every year I plan the shoot out to the last detail…hair&makeup pros, second shooter, caterers, assistants, schedules, etc….and it all hinges on one thing: The weather. Oh, man does that stress me out! Rescheduling is not always an option when this many people are involved…with a forecast calling for 100% rain and a chance of DANGEROUS storms, I was ready to lose my mind the morning of this shoot! Thankfully, some friends talked me down off the ledge, and we went forward. Thank goodness we did! In between pouring rain and forceful wind gusts, we would get peeks of glorious sunshine! There was a lot of running for cover, but overall~we were blessed with a beautiful day!”

Gear: “Nikon D810, Nikon 24-70 2.8, Sigma Art 50mm 1.4, Used all natural light outdoors with the exception of the big group shots…there I used an Alien Bee800 with a beauty dish + an additional off-camera flash for fill (it was too windy to get creative with lighting)! For the indoor ‘palm tree set’, I used a large octobox and white reflector.”

Inspiration: “The shoot was inspired mostly by the wardrobe. My studio worked with a nearby American Eagle Outfitters store to provide the entire wardrobe for all of the models…since the style of AEO is a mix of boho/Cali/70’s, we used that as our starting point. I had 3 different ‘sets’ for the day (the girls kept the same wardrobe throughout).
#1 ‘Retro Camping’…I was lucky enough to borrow an awesome 1978 vintage camper from a photographer friend, and I added some fun props to go with it (chairs, pink flamingos, croquet set and pineapples).
#2 ‘California/Instagram’…I bought a palm tree wall mural from ‘walls need love’, and my husband built me a fake wall to to stick the mural onto…I loved the faded ‘film’ feel of the palms!
#3 ‘desert/boho’…I had a vision of being in stark desert, with only sand and dust as far as the eye could see…unfortunately, Minnesota is known more for its lakes and trees, and less for it’s vast desert environment! I was given permission to shoot on a nearby gravel pit, which ‘sort of’ gave off the vibe I was looking for!”

My talented friend Shelley Paulson filmed the whole shoot for me, and made an amazing ‘behind the scenes’ type video! https://vimeo.com/128947771
Hair and Makeup Artist: Emile Freitag, Sarah Flaspeter, Lauren Bidne, Cindy Michaud, Alicia Voda, Stacie Heasley

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Like, oh my gosh, I want to be there! This looks like it was an AHmazing time! These shots are great, and I’m LOVING the laughing ones! Thanks so much for sharing this session with us!

You can find more of Kelly’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

Thanks for reading SSG!