A Maryland Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Heather Allred Photography located in Baltimore, MD.  Here is what Heather had to say about her session!

Please describe this session to us:

“This session was shot in my studio. I shoot the vast majority of the time outside but the winter had me itching so hard to shoot! I was ecstatic to get Ashka in my studio- we are scheduled to shoot again, outside, once spring breaks- so stay tuned!”

Tell us about the gear used:

“I used Savage paper in Stormy Grey as a backdrop. I used a two light setup with my Paul C. Buff lights, one with a beauty dish. I shot with my Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 50mm 1.2 lens.”

What inspired this session?

“I have known Ashka since she played rec basketball for me and my husband with our own daughter. Now, they’re seniors and I jumped at the chance to shoot her. Ashka is not only a super basketball player and a super-kind person- she is also of Indian descent and was perfect for a project I have been chipping at for a while. I absolutely LOVE the beauty of traditional cultural dress for girls and women. I have been wanting to shoot someone in a sari for a while. Side note: Ashka’s mother made her dress, she makes all of their saris and she does a beautiful job!”

HMU Stylist:

“Hair and Makeup were done at Salon 8736 in Nottingham, MD. Hair by Meghan Allred and Makeup by Sara Priser.”

Thank you for sharing Heather! You can see more of Heather’s work on Instagram and Facebook!