Today’s featured session comes to us from Stacey Dershem Photography in Wichita, Kansas.

Here’s what Stacey shared with us about her session with lovely Paige from Bishop Carroll High School:

“When we design each Senior’s unique locations/theme in the pre-shoot consultation meeting, I try to focus on three inspiration words to guide our decisions. It’s an old and really simple rule, but it works so well to keep the shoot on track and ensure each shoot is fresh and tailored to that particular client. With Paige, our goals were to 1) find a unique way to showcase her music background (she’ll be going to college on a vocal scholarship!), 2) use her elegant prom dress for one set, and 3) use natural, simple poses as opposed to more fashion-forward poses.  With that in mind, key ideas were Music, Elegance, Natural/Fun. As you’ll see from Paige’s images, I think we achieved our goals!  Paige is a beautiful, talented, classy young lady, and I think her Senior portraits reflect her style and personality perfectly!”


Beautiful session, ladies.  Thanks so much for sharing, Stacey!  You can see more of Stacey’s work on her website:  Stacey Dershem Photography