A Georgia Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Flutter Bee Photography, located in Canton, GA!

“This is a conceptualized session featuring 3 of my senior models. I called it my Gothic Garden concept. I am a natural light photographer, but for this session I wanted a rich studio look, with a very directional light. So, I actually built a backdrop and shot it right in my garage! Who knew garage light could be so delicious? If you’re like me, and aren’t comfortable with OCF or studio lighting, try your garage out sometime!”

Inspiration: “This session was inspired by Halloween! I wanted to do something that was dark, beautiful, and haunting! I’ve always loved the big floral walls that we have seen so many times in weddings and fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to build one for myself! The wardrobe was inspired by garden “characters.” A Garden Sprite, The Monarch, and a Gothic Peacock.”

Gear: “For this session I used my Canon 5d Mark III and a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. Natural light only. I also used a large reflector for the group image.”

Hair & MUA: “Catherine Garner with Adorn Studios is my partner in crime when it comes to planning my concept sessions! Finding an awesome, versatile hair and make up artist is so essential!”

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WOW….I love every look! And the floral wall is amazing! Its so great to be able to bring our shoot ideas to life, isn’t it?! Thanks so much for sharing these with us!

“I am a lover of fashion and beautiful things. I love dancing light and rich colors. I love drama and whimsy. I love people, and old things, and laughing. I also love fair food. I have two secret dreams: One is to own a restaurant called Carnies that serves fair food YEAR ROUND (don’t steal my idea!), and the other is to own a snow cone shack. Silly? Yes….but who doesn’t love a snow cone? Oh, and I’m a photographer, and I specialize in modern high school senior portraiture.”

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