A California Senior Session

Today’s featured session comes  to you from Gina Petersen Photography in beautiful California.
Here is what Gina share with us about her gorgeous session with Melanie:
“I always consult with my clients to help them with their clothing choices. I ask them to go a little bit outside of their box on what they would normally wear (at least for one outfit). Melanie did just that…and she did it phenomenally! I’ve always said, any gorgeous red dress would beat that “perfect” black dress any day, and it sure did in this case. This Valentine red dress was authentic vintage, right out of her grandmother’s closet. She’d been admiring it for years and it was finally time to pull it out and let it shine….GORGEOUS! She paired it with a pair of ruffled cuff black suede boots and was turning heads that day in the middle of the old train station!
The more poetic side of Melanie showed through with her pastel choices that ver much accentuated her baby blues and really showed the sweet side of her in a very fashionable, Bohemian type of way.”
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WOW! Stunning wardrobe and couldn’t agree with you more on the red dress!!!!
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Keep those fabulous senior sessions coming our way!